For Sale

The Following items are for sale from Brian Englefield.

Wadham Bursgreen Lathe

CML Professional Bandsaw

Axminster CM1903 Morticer 1/4″ – 5/8″

Various handplanes, facemasks (inc Airshield Pro), various clamps and a 1/2″ router.

SIP 12″ compound mitre saw

Brian can be contacted on 01822 841813

Hello……we have two lengths of oak, about 8ft. long each, 9 inches across.
It has been down for YEARS, rock hard if you would like it, otherwise it will be logged..
Situated in Lewdown, between Launceston and Okehamton, The Forgotten Garden, Lewtrenchard, I think you came there once before.
Tony Butland

During the visit to David Trewins workshop, David mentioned a very useful company he uses for various items. If anyone is interested it is … they’re offering 15% off sanding products