The Club

Eric Cockings
Jacqui Hunt
Jon Chartres
Nick Hunt
Website Maintainer
Simon Boghurst
Vice Chairman
Kate Kingsley-Hall
Committee Member
Elaine Smerdon
Membership Secretary / PR Officer
Mike King
Health & Safety Officer
Mark Hancock
Committee Member
Peter Brinsden
Committee Member
Shown here is a list of our Club Officers, as well as a link to our calendar

Full membership £25 per annum plus £1 subs on club nights (you get discount on special activities)

Please scan the QR code with a smart phone and follow the link, be sure to add your name


Pay as you go £2 per club night, full price on special activities​

 Special Offer for new faces, the first two club nights are free!

Monday Evenings – 3rd Monday every month

Feel free to get in touch using the “contact us” form on the menu above.