Simon’s Blog July 22 Clubnight

Dear Bodgers, Carvers and other wood working enthusiasts, herewith a summary of recent events, news and forthcoming attractions.

During the last 9 months or so I have been afflicted with a recurring painful tooth and swollen gum problem, resulting in several expensive trips to the dentist, x-rays and antibiotic treatments all to no avail.

The only remedy guaranteed to cure the problem was to remove the troublesome tooth, 🦷OUCH!!

TT&CC took part in EcoFest on Saturday 16th July in The Meadows, Tavistock.  We had 3 tables full of produce (see photo below). Sales were disappointing but we should get some press coverage and photos (including myself!) in the local paper, so PR was hopefully worth all the  considerable effort put in by a handful of trusty members.

Club night itself was on the evening of the hottest day of the year, so perhaps it was not surprising that turnout was low.

Holidays, ill health, heat, forgetfulness, hangovers, visiting friends and relatives all took their toll, nevertheless 15 hardy souls or thereabouts still managed to make it.

Liz stood in for Jacqui and took the £1 monthly subscription, whilst Howard stood in for Mike on the raffle table, this together with some wood sales and Kate’s tea/coffee money added up to around £50!!

Quite remarkable really and enough to more than cover the rent and expenses for the evening, 

Well Done All Contributors!!

The competition was for a wet turned bowl or honey dipper, so although difficult to compare items featuring entirely different properties and turning techniques, nevertheless votes were cast in the following order. 

Dave Vernon 1st honey dipper.

Howard Davies 2nd ditto.

Simon Boghurst 3rd wet bowl. 

Next Month’s competition is for a Mortar & Pestle, come on, have a go!!

It really is not that much of a grind, Oh yes it is!!😃

Our thanks go to Mark once again for providing an entertaining and educational tutorial on the important topic of tool sharpening and how best to achieve it. 

The big screen TV helped those present to see in good detail the different tools and techniques being used to achieve a repeatable bevel angle and sharp cutting edge.

Nice one Mark.

NB, The best laid plans of mice and men, Mark has kindly offered to step up and do the pen making demonstration next month as existing arrangements fell by the wayside. 

Beware!! August club night falls early on the 15th, make a note in your diary, phone, calendar or brain so as not to miss next club night.

TT&CC aim to put on The Full Monty at RAF Harrowbeer the following weekend Sat/Sun 20th and 21st August.

This will include putting up our large marquee, filling at least 6 tables with produce, running a raffle and providing wood turning demonstrations to attract potential new members and encourage interest in our wares for sale. Main priority will be for items to sell or display, please help us out with your own lovely produce.

Harrowbeer has been a good venue for sales in the past but regular contributors stocks are now running low. 

Event planning and volunteer requests will be detailed on the Monday 15th club night before the Harrowbeer show.

I look forward to seeing as many old and new faces as possible on the 15th August.

Best Wishes,

Simon Boghurst.

TT&CC vice Chair.