Simon’s Blog August 22 Club Night

Dear TT&CC members and those unfortunate souls unable to attend for whatever reason herewith follows my August club night summary.

Falling smack in the middle of the main holiday month of the year, it came as no great surprise that only about 15 members turned up on the night. Presumably holidays, health problems, heat exhaustion, hangovers, forgetfulness and other issues were to blame for the low turnout.

Liz kindly looked after the door money owing to Jacqui being unwell at the time.

Mike ran the raffle which rather fell victim to the poor turnout in terms of prizes donated and support thereof.

Howard looked after the sale table as Elaine had close family visiting.

Competition was for a Mortar & Pestle, regrettably my own entry split badly in the hot spell and I did not have the time (or inclination) to make another.

Only 2 entries were forthcoming so a 1st or 2nd place was assured!!

Mike King 1st but by only one tiddly wink! Left in photo.

Clive Barlow, 2nd  On the right (obviously!!) and who I should mention has generously donated his competition entry to the Milton Abbot church in aid of their funds.

There were a few bits and pieces on the I made this table for members to look at, admire or otherwise pass comment upon.

Mark, took to the lathe with a pen making demonstration and managed to accomplish in short order a nicely finished twist pen without becoming stuck to anything with the super glue he used as a protective coating to combat sweaty hands.

Martin and Mark had set up the big screen TV which really helps the audience see clearly what’s going on.

Kate and Liz served refreshments, raffle and competition results were announced and everything was put away and cleaned and tidied up in record time, meeting finished early at around 9pm. 


Mark hired a van big enough to accommodate all the marquee stuff plus everything else we needed and enough tables and chairs for both ourselves and Men in Sheds.  Many helping hands arrived at our pitch on the Friday afternoon and the marquee went up without too much trouble.

Saturday proved the more popular day for visitors and sales owing to somewhat better weather but Sunday also proved quite reasonable and the financial results will be announced in due course.

Hopefully there should be some photos below.

Many thanks to all those who helped (you know who you are) and particularly Mark without whose input (and two days of demonstrating) I doubt we could have managed half so well.


Next Club Night falls on Monday 19th Sept. 

Make certain you do not miss out on this extra special club night.

Our guest demonstrator is Sean Hellman, a genuine “Bodger” working with a pole lathe and hand tools only, he promises to create his unique Fan Bird and something else??

An invitation has gone out to Plymouth Woodturners and Men in Sheds to join us for the evening and which will help to spread the evenings costs. Only £2 entry fee for non members to see our special guest at work, bargain!!

Please spread the word far and wide, the more the better. 

Many Thanks.

The competition is for a bell shaped object, shape, size and choice of wood entirely up to you. PLEASE have a go, it is not the winning that’s important it is the taking part!

Yandle’s Open Day is on Saturday 10th Sept from 10am until 4pm, unfortunately I can’t go myself as something else has cropped up, but I know of at least one club member who would like to car share and help with the cost of fuel.  Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll try and make a plan to suit. Best Wishes to All