Simon’s Blog June 22 Clubnight

Dear Bodgers, Carvers and other interested parties.

Put a note in your diary, smart phone or brain to attend our club night on Monday 20th June at the Scout Den at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

As usual donations for raffle prizes are warmly welcomed with all proceeds going towards our running costs.

There is a ton of wood available to buy at silly cheap prices, again proceeds go into club funds, buy some!

Competition is for a piece of fruit, don’t be shy, have a try.

Don’t get pipped to the post, peel off some shavings and get to the core of the matter with an apple or pear!! Alternatively any of your 5 a day will do nicely.

The more the merrier!😃

Plus, we’d love to see what you’ve made recently on the 

“I Made This Table”, so please bring in your produce for the benefit of all and explain any special techniques used or difficulties overcome.

I recently took on a small project to turn some feet and a finial for an optical device, hand made by nearby Walkhampton resident Chris Scawn.

Chris has very kindly agreed to bring in the now completed item, explain its history of what, why, how, when, where etc etc plus manufacturing techniques and demonstrate it working, this is a “One Off” opportunity, don’t miss it!!

David Trewin has kindly stepped up to demonstrate techniques for turning Wet Wood, please bring a raincoat or brolly!🌂🌧️😃

David recently welcomed a small party from our club to his wonderful workshop, storage and drying areas and very impressive gallery of his workmanship, a demonstration and refreshments were included. Should David repeat this visit in the future, I strongly recommend you go!

Peter Brinsden, Richard Bury and I (the terrible trio?) attended Milton Abbott Church for the Grand Opening of the newly refurbished bell frame and ring of bells.

We were treated to a variety of different “rings” plus Lamerton campanology club “chimed” in with a very mellow tune. 

During the service the bells were Blessed by the Bishop of Truro and Rev Andy Atkins gave credit to and named the outstanding efforts of all helpers and fundraisers including Tavy Turners and Carvers Club.

Sadly, Mike King who took on this project with such enthusiasm was not well enough to attend.

However, at the after service tea and cakes refreshments event in the village hall, Mike’s lovely handmade (from Milton Abbott Church Oak) bell shaped table lamps were still selling well and I know of at least 2 further sales which were made on the day.

Outstanding effort Mike, hope you’re now well enough to attend on the 20th and look forward to seeing you then.

I have been advised that only about half of our members have paid/renewed their membership fee of £25 for 2022. 

This was due in February, and can now be paid in person by cash or card or internet or even an old fashioned cheque in the post. 

Treasurer is Jacqui Hunt email address above to arrange payments or in person on the night.

Due to Covid in 2020 and 2021 many memberships lapsed but  our outgoings DID NOT.

Non payment has several resulting consequences. 

1, You’re no longer a member.

Should the club be wound up, you will NOT receive a share.

2, Club finances are being put under increasing strain by rising prices from our essential suppliers, rent, PL Insurance, AWGB associate membership, repairs and replacements of equipment etc etc.(well over £500 for repairs to our main lathe alone).

It should be noted that if it wasn’t for the substantial bequest given to the club by former Chair, Mike Edmond’s widow Renate a few years ago, the club would now be in a very difficult place financially or might even have become insolvent.

The club is fast approaching a major crossroads as to its future, Peter Brinsden will NOT stand again as Chair, and nor will I.

Our ship MUST have a Captain to steer it through the various events in which we participate  and deal with or delegate the everyday items that need attending to. 

Further, if there are no volunteers prepared to step up and take on the role, I see no way in which the club can possibly continue to operate, and it will inevitably have to be wound up, assets liquidated, and shared out amongst paid up members. 

Is this what you want?

You only have until February next year to decide.

I turned some spheres for a fellow turner, (he missed my demo) these have been examined by many of his friends and even Mother Superior was impressed with the high shine and roundness of my spheres.

Senior citizen discounts are available from Lawson’s on Thursdays and from Trago Mills on the last Thursday in the month.

I visited Maunders in Launceston recently, it’s a bit like Cornish Farmers but much better and cheaper too. Worth a visit just to see how much stock they carry, and they have their own restaurant attached.

Please also note that TT&CC are expecting to take part in this year’s Ecofest event on Saturday 16th July in The Meadows, Tavistock.

We will require helpers to set up and lots of your lovely items to sell. 

I am hoping for confirmation that we’ll be allowed selling and demonstration space within their “Big Top” circus type tent before too long.

Also the 2 day RAF Harrowbeer event on Saturday and Sunday the 20th and 21st August will need helpers to erect our own marquee and fill it with even more of your lovely items to sell.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 20th.

Best Wishes.

Simon Boghurst.

Vice Chair.