Simons Blog May Clubnight

Dear Bodgers, Carvers and  other people who for various reasons couldn’t attend, herewith my account of the aforementioned event.

A good attendance of low 20s turned up for the event, including a few faces not seen for several months, plus some new faces.

Jacqui and Liz welcomed members and took their entry money and also requested they sign Mike King’s “Get Well Soon” card. Latest news is that he’s responding well to medication, making good progress and hopes to get back home soon.

Liz and Howard stepped up to look after the raffle and wood sales tables. Elaine unfortunately suffering from car troubles, I did recommend she give the Honda a “Damn Good Thrashing” 🌿 Basil Fawlty style, surprisingly this did not remedy the problem.

The wood sale table is groaning under the weight of some lovely chunks of timber at stupid cheap prices, buy some next time please! in aid of club funds.

Competition Table had half a dozen Bonbon dish entries, well-done all who took part, unfortunately I have no idea who won as I was preoccupied with sanding my balls at the time! 😃.

The, I Made This Table was a bit thin on exhibits this month, so come on, bring something in next month. A young man whose name I don’t know brought in a small but nicely carved owl🦉which was a bit of a hoot!

The evenings main attraction was me!! I had apparently been volunteered to demonstrate my dubious inability to reduce a large piece of wood into a smaller round one.

Those sitting close to the lathe were warned in advance to be alert to loose chucks and flying debris.

I missed a catch when parting off a partly finished ball, so I won’t make the seniors cricket team!☹️ I ended up with a moderately round ball and a dose of clap, whoops ment a round of clapping!😃of course.

See photo below of my recently rebuilt garden retaining wall with my homemade post top balls plus hedgehog box in the background. 

I must mention Mark’s invaluable help in swapping over the recently repaired (£500!!) but still faulty club lathe headstock for his own proven one, and without whose help I should have been well and truly in the wotsit.

Also Martin and Mark for setting up the big TV and camera which helped those who were wisely sitting further away see clearly what was going on.

I should mention that others make demonstrating look easy, it isn’t! Being in front of an audience, many of whom are far more skillful and experienced plus using unfamiliar equipment is a  challenge. My now deceased father in law used to say he couldn’t walk and chew at the same time, unlike others I can’t bodge and talk simultaneously.

Next club night (20th June)  David Trewin is demonstrating turning a wet bowl so bring a raincoat or a brolly!

Competition is for a piece of fruit, any of your five a day will do nicely, have a go.

Milton Abbott Church are celebrating their newly refurbished bell tower and bells on Saturday 4th June at 2.30pm. I have requested 10 seats 3 of which are already taken by Mike, Peter and me, anyone else who would like to attend the Grand Reopening better let me know PDQ.

Recently the club was approached by Chris Scawn who has handmade an optical device, (best described as a very early type of moving picture machine) to turn some feet and a finial to complete the project, which I have now done.

By unanimous vote Chris is bringing the device to our June club night for all to see.  The optical illusion is for an Art Deco style nude model to turn into a tree and then back to a nude! (All done in the best possible taste)

I am unsure whether the nude or the tree is more attractive to Turners and Carvers 😃 

Reminder, Trago Mills offer 10% discount in all departments on their Pensioners Day, which is the last Thursday in the month, this fall’s next week.

That’s all for now folks, hope to see you all for a fun packed June club night.

Best Wishes to Everyone.