Simons’ Blog November Club Night

Dear All,

For those who were unable to attend club night, herewith a brief summary of what you missed.

I forgot to do a headcount but estimate low to middle 20s “Made It”.  This number included a few faces not seen for a while but was also reduced by the absence of many “regulars”, nothing too serious we all hope.

Peter Brinsden😇 got the meeting underway with some announcements regarding forthcoming events and requesting ideas for next year’s club night activities and for demonstration volunteers to come forward.

TT&CC’s entry at the Christmas Tree Festival in the parish church.

Decorate🌲Wed 30 Nov between 3 and 8pm.

We are invited to the festival opening ceremony to be officiated by the Mayor, Paul Ward on Friday 2nd December at 2.30pm, this will be accompanied by the choir of the Church Schools Federation.

Dismantle 🌲 Mon 12th between 8.45 and 10.30am.

Contact Liz Wilebore as above if you wish to help to set up or dismantle our 🌲 display.

Club Leaflets needed to put under the tree please.

Next club night is Monday 19th, (usual time) and is our Christmas Social Evening to which all members and their partners/guests are cordially invited. We will run a raffle and some nice prize donations will be greatly appreciated.

Eric has kindly agreed to arrange one of his splendid and very entertaining quizzes.

Snack type food and non alcoholic punch will be provided. However, you can bring your own alcohol if you feel the need. 🍺🍺

There is no competition, instead members are kindly requested to bring in a selection of their wares to create a “Gallery” for the I Made This Table,  Peter Brinsden has generously offered a bottle🍾 from his vast private stock as a prize for the best offering!😃

Please bring in your turnings, carvings or other creations in order to make a really good display worth seeing.

Jacqui was on the door signing members in and taking the £1 subscription fee, so presumably a little over £20 was collected towards club funds, Thank You!

Mike once again ran a very efficient raffle, and with a good selection of decent donated prizes, this proved to be a very successful event and which raised over £40 towards club funds. 

Well done Mike and all those who donated prizes and to those who bought the tickets.

Please pull out all the stops for our Christmas Social club night raffle, and donate plenty of decent prizes and buy loads of tickets!!

The Competition Table was well patronised with around 8 or 9 entries for a Christmas Decoration to go on or under the tree. In no particular order Steve Gray, Mike King and Howard Davies’s entries were awarded the laurels with the most tiddlywinks.

Well Done to all who took part, there were some seriously good efforts on show and it was a narrow win by the night’s Top Dogs🐕🐕🐕.

The I Made This Table displayed some competition excess Christmas decorations and two repaired chess sets, an octagonal bowl in Douglas Fir plus a multi piece segmented bowl. Nice to see, Thanks 😃.

Roger Gubbin should have been providing the evenings entertainment/lesson, sadly as we all know he passed away prematurely earlier in the year, his cheeky style and audience rapport are greatly missed.

Mark kindly volunteered to accept the vacant slot and provided an amusing demonstration on colouring techniques firstly on a “Flying Saucer” 🛸 shaped sycamore bowl and after the refreshment break (Thank You, Kate and Liz) a large tool handle was “Ebonised”  (which made it look similar to a police officers truncheon)

(Q, What do the police like in their sandwiches?? A, Why, truncheon meat of course!😃.) and then further enhanced with golden finishing paste. The end result was quite ‘striking’ and one which any police officer would be proud to use👮‍♂️.

Q, Where do police officers live??  A, Why, 999, Letsby Avenue of course!😃.

Regrettably, I completely forgot to take any photos during the evening, Sorry☹️!.  However if anyone else did take photos please send them to Nick Hunt (Webmaster) as above, for inclusion in our next website update.

That’s about it from me, so if not before I hope to see you all at our Christmas Social Evening (Monday 19th December)

Best Wishes to All.

Simon Boghurst,

TT&CC Vice Chair. 

PS, I have been advised by Liz Padmore that the Craft Fair at Milton Abbot church in which we participated raised a very worthwhile £400 towards church funds.