Simon’s Blog Sept Club Night

Dear All,

Sadly our September club night Special Event fell on the final day of QE2’s state funeral and subsequent burial rituals and had been declared a Public Bank Holiday for this reason.

Whilst many public and commercial activities shut down out of respect during the funeral, TT&CC decided to “Go Ahead” as planned with our evening event, as it was well after all live coverage of QE2’s funeral had finished and was not thought disrespectful.

Nevertheless, many stayed away perhaps unsure if the meeting was still on whilst others may have felt it inappropriate, however a headcount revealed about 20 in attendance which included several from Plymouth Woodturners and a few more from Men in Sheds, without whom it would have been a very small turnout indeed.

Fortunately, Jacqui Hunt (Treasurer) has now recovered from her recent bout of sickness and took names and entry money at the door.

Peter Brinsden (Chair) opened the meeting with several announcements including the unexpected and very sudden death of Ian Stewart who had been Plymouth Woodturners Chair. Many will remember Ian demonstrated whistle making at our club night late last year.

Peter went on to mention that Sheila Gubbin (Roger’s widow) had been in touch with a huge list of woodturning tools and associated equipment for sale. A paper copy of this list was available for attendees to view, and is on display on TT&CC’s website here,   NB, any items circled are already sold.  Please email Sheila Gubbin if you see items you wish to buy, email address is

Additionally, Peter reiterated his intention to stand down at next February’s AGM and that a prospective replacement MUST come forward to save the club’s future. 

As Vice Chair I also wish to take a step back and will NOT be volunteering for the role of Chair or Vice Chair, although I will help anyone willing to stand “find their feet”. 

I should like to mention in dispatches club member Jon Chartres, who has kindly repaired the club generator’s exhaust silencer thereby saving our funds approx £100 for a new replacement part.

Thank You Very Much!😃

Elaine kindly looked after the raffle in Mike’s absence, and this always adds a few shekels to the club coffers.

The “I Made This” table was not well patronised but a special mention must be given to Howard who showed off his latest segmented work, a lidded biscuit barrel made up from over 600 pieces of different coloured woods made into geometric patterns.

Outstanding Workmanship!😃

Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of it, if anyone did please email to Nick Hunt, TT&CC’s Webmaster as above for inclusion on the website. 

Likewise the Competition Table only had 3 entries for a Bell Shaped Object, Howard kindly put 2 extra entries on the table to help flesh it out a bit. 

Howard Davies and David Vernon 1st and 2nd although I don’t remember in what order, my monster outdoor citronella candlestick came last! 😭

But at least it seemed to keep the bugs away😃.

Once again apologies, forgot to take any photos, if anyone did please email to Nick Hunt as above for inclusion in the website.

Main Event, Sean Hellman Woodland Craft Expert, otherwise known as a “Bodger” and a reasonably jolly one to boot!

Sean made his signature piece, with his “Fan Bird” slowly emerging from a rather uninspiring looking lump of Ash wood. Several in the audience had seen this before but remained just as enthralled as first timer spectators.

Following the halftime break Sean went onto his pole lathe to produce a bowl with a handle. NB, no power tools used for any of this, only human power.

Once again I failed miserably to get a photo of the Fan Bird and the bowl is a bit out of focus so if anyone has photos please send them to Nick Hunt as above.  I did take some of Sean at work and these are below. 

Next club night is on Monday 17th October, competition is for a bud vase, come on, have a go!

Plymouth Woodturners are offering an all day professional demonstration by Les Thorne on Sat 1st October, cost is £10 and includes hot pasty lunch and tea/coffee breaks, further details on their website.   I may well have gone myself but I’m going to have my flu and COVID jabs on that day at 1.55pm.

I’ve had more pricks than our resident hedgehog🦔

Best Wishes to All.

Simon Boghurst.

TT&CC Vice Chair.